Domino's New Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza Taste Test

Added Wednesday to
Domino's American Legends Pizza line, the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza is the chain's first new product since Domino's changed their pizza recipe last year.

The pizza is topped with mozzarella, feta, provolone, Cheddar, Parmesan and asiago cheeses, making it one of the cheesiest pizzas on the market. According to
Nation's Restaurant News, "Domino's is supporting the new pizza with ads that highlight its use of cheese from American dairy farms. The ads will feature customers in a focus group in what they think is an office until the walls come down to reveal a dairy farm."

We couldn't call Domino's fast enough for delivery this morning and we were lucky enough to have some of our very own pizza aficionados from sister and brother sites
Lemondrop and Asylum to help us out.
Our biggest qualm (and everyone else's) with this pizza was the lack of cheese, surprisingly. Especially when we opened the box and a whiff of asiago permeated the air. The only time we were able to distinguish the cheese was when we ate the crust separately -- then we could taste the asiago. There was not a feta chunk to be found.

Call this a regular Domino's cheese pie -- it wouldn't make a difference. However, we still love the new and improved tomato sauce and garlic bread crust.

Nutritional information was not available for this specific pie on their website. For the other American Legends pies, Domino's gives a range of calories, fat and sodium for all seven pies which goes from terrible to outrageous. The information below is taken from that
nutritional sheet and is based on a large pizza.

Domino's Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza
Grade: B
Nutritional Information: 1880-3840 calories, 102-232 grams fat, 3590-9520 mg sodium
Our testers said: "While the pizza wasn't bad itself, it wasn't anything special. I wouldn't think twice about ordering a regular cheese pizza if it was cheaper." "I was really looking forward to tasting the feta, but the other cheeses must have overpowered it (or it was left out)." "Nothing special, but this pizza is still way better than anything the other pizza chains are putting out right now."



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