McDonald's Loses Obesity Suit

McDonald's Loses Obesity Suit

  McDonald's french friesPhoto: ChuKi, Flickr

A manager at a McDonald's in Brazil sued the company because he said working at the fast-food chain made him fat -- and he won.

A Brazilian court ordered McDonald's to pay the unidentified plaintiff $17,500, siding with the man who claimed that he had gained more than 65 pounds during his stint with the company, according to

It wasn't just all those complimentary employee meals that caused him to balloon from 155 pounds to more than 230, the man said. It was his fear of "mystery clients" (presumably the Brazilian equivalent of "secret shoppers"). The manager said that he was so intimidated by the prospect that these stealth eaters would find his restaurant's food subpar that he felt he was required to sample menu items every day.

No word whether the court determined that eating too many hamburgers might cause a little paranoia, too.


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